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Clicking on the name of each unit will open a corresponding PDF of it. 


  1. Introduction to Biography

  2. Creating a Character

  3. Introduction to Autobiography

  4. Your Story

Creative Language

  1. Language

  2. Non-Fiction

  3. Fiction

  4. Poetry

  5. Drama

  6. Assignments from CG Students

Drama Club I

Note to Readers:  Please see Unit 1 for instructions that apply to all following units in this course.

  1. Cast and Set

  2. Characterization and Dialogue

  3. Foreshadowing and Comedy

  4. Comedy and Mystery

  5. Humor and Role Reversal

  6. True Stories

  7. Imaginary Friends

  8. Art and Drama

Drama Club II

This course is based on students writing a complete play.  Unit 1 includes the course introduction and instructions for writing the opening of the play.  The student will not receive further formal units. Students will move on to Unit 2 (writing the next portion or act of the play)  after completing and receiving feedback on Unit 1, and so on. 

  1. Writing an Original Play

Journalism Club

  1. Thinking Like a Journalist

  2. Mediums of Journalism

  3. The Truth

  4. Opinion Pieces and Political Cartoons

  5. Reviews and Travel Writing

  6. Satire

Poetry Club I

  1. The Poetry of Carl Sandberg

  2. Mountains, Deserts, and the Sea

  3. The Poems of Mary Oliver

  4. Music and Poetry

  5. The Poems of William Stafford

  6. War

  7. The Poems of Pablo Neruda

  8. The Family of Man

Poetry Club II

  1. The Poetry of William Carlos Williams

  2. The Harlem Poets

  3. The Poetry of Emily Dickinson and Walt Whitman

  4. Spanish-speaking Poets

  5. The Poetry of Walter De La Mare and Gerald Manley Hopkins

  6. Latino Poets

Poetry Club III

  1. The Poetry of Meredith Davies Hadaway

  2. The Poetry of Michael L. Owens

  3. The Poetry of Traci Brimhall

  4. The Poetry of Langston Hughes and Ezra Pound

  5. The Poetry of David Russell Wagoner and Mary Molinary

  6. The Poetry of E.E. Cummings

  7. The Poetry of Alfred Notes, Louis MacNeice, and Ruth Yarrow

Short Story Club I

  1. Dog Star by Arthur C. Clarke

  2. To Build a Fire by Jack London

  3. The Secret of Goldfish by David Means

  4. The Upturned Face by Stephen Crane

  5. The Magic Shop by H.G. Wells

  6. The Lottery by Shirley Jackson

Additionally, each unit involves writing an original short story.

Short Story Club II

  1. Regret by Kate Chopin

  2. Now I Lay Me by Ernest Hemingway

  3. The Departure of Emma Inch by James Thurber

  4. The Necklace by Guy de Maupassant

  5. Over the River and Through the Woods by John O'Hara

  6. The Overcoat by Gina Berriault

Additionally, each unit involves writing an original short story.



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