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Books on issues related to mass incarceration

College Guild was Founded in 2001 by two people who had been closely involved with incarcerated people and were interested in issues tied to mass incarceration.


Our mission is to provide free correspondence courses that connect incarcerated people with a community beyond prison walls, fostering mutual respect through a shared passion for learning. Research has shown that incarcerated people who have participated in prison education programs have a 50%-reduced chance of returning to prison.

College Guild offers classes for incarcerated people which are designed to be thought-provoking and fun, to encourage objectivity and creativity, and to provide an opportunity to spend time constructively. 

Our unique courses cover subjects in science, writing, history, art, and culture. They are developed and administered by volunteers who offer special interests and expertise that they wish to share with students. 

College Guild’s non-accredited status and non-traditional curricula allows for exploration into diverse subject areas and gives us the freedom to reach more people and provide feedback which educates students

while providing them with encouragement and respect.

Our program is inclusive to students of all identities. 

College Guild founder Julie Zimmerman

Founder Julie Zimmerman

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