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Dear College Guild Readers,

Over a year ago, we began the process of evaluating our curriculum. Many courses are outdated in their language, inconsistent in content, and, most importantly, do not reflect the cultural diversity of our students. Our curriculum committee developed content guidelines and a tool to evaluate each course. We also focused on the questions in each unit to ensure that the student can more readily apply the ideas to their own lives and experiences. With the help of a Bates College intern, we created World Mythology as a more diverse replacement for Greek Mythology. This new course includes Greek, Ghanaian, Chinese, Mayan, and Egyptian mythologies and has been added to our list of courses.


It has been a long process, and we are very pleased to announce the launch of this new course. We look forward to revising ALL of our courses to better serve our student body, and to use these guidelines in new course development.


Program Manager

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