Through our community partnerships with educational institutions, College Guild has been fortunate to have benefited from the work of many student interns. 

Interested in interning for a nonprofit organization bringing education to prisons? College Guild might be the place for you!

Intern projects range from course development to social media, web design, and events coordination. Internships are unpaid* and usually during the summer, although academic year internships may also be available given circumstances. Email if interested to learn more.

*Many interns in the past have obtained funding through their college.

Current Interns

Learn more about the work of our currently involved interns

Ali Dougal

"Being an intern with College Guild has taught me so much about the problematic mass-incarceration system, and how big of an impact access to education can have to change the lives of prisoners. Being an intern has been a great balance of feeling like I am making a difference while also learning a lot. I have had a wide range of learning experiences through sending materials to our students, working on fundraising efforts, writing newsletters and blogs, and getting to read work and letters from our students."

Ali is a Bowdoin College student volunteering with us this year.  Ali designed and put together our most recent Newsletter, which was sent out in the mail in November! In case you missed it, take a look at it here! She has also written for our blog, and her work can be seen here! Additionally, Ali is focused on growing expertise in grant writing. She's researching grant opportunities for 2021 and will take the lead in writing a number of grants this year along with managing our Blog and growing engagement with a wider audience. 

Julia Surgenor

"Through my work as a College Guild intern, I have gained an appreciation for the importance of treating incarcerated people with a sense of humanity. Doing so encourages these individuals to develop confidence and a positive sense of self which can reach beyond just our organization to have ripple effects among our nation's mass incarceration system as a whole. I have especially enjoyed sharing our mission, student work, and the experiences of our staff and volunteers through social media while learning a lot about effective marketing strategies along the way." 

Julia is a Bowdoin College Student volunteering with us this year. Julia has helped us shift our Volunteer registration process to a digital format and manages updates and improvements to the website. She's been leading our social media outreach and ensuring the many stories of our students and volunteers are shared and seen. Be sure to check us out on InstagramTwitter, and Facebook to see the work she has been doing for us on social media! 

If the work that these interns interests YOU, and you want to learn more, please reach out to either of them via email, they would be happy to answer any questions and share more about their intern experience! 

Past Interns

Learn more about the work of our past interns

Louisa Izydorczak (summer 2018)

Wrote the Inventions course


Julie Coticchia (summer 2019)

Wrote the What's On Your Mind? course and conducted an independent study research project investigating how factors related to connectedness and wellbeing of incarcerated people are impacted by participation in College Guild courses

Raine Raynor (Summer 2020)

Designed graphics for social media, updated website and optimized it for SEO, and analyzed and created infographics of student demographic data

Amy Hussey (Summer 2020)

Created a new volunteer orientation video, wrote our newsletter, and promoted upcoming virtual events on our website

Summer Chamberlin (Summer 2020)

Created social media plan, interviewed College Guild board members and volunteers for a fundraising video, and coordinated a gallery event featuring artwork by our incarcerated students

Emma Hahesy (Summer 2020)

Wrote a new course on Diseases and Public Health

Spencer Follett (Summer 2020)

Wrote a new course on Education