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Community Partnerships

Bates College seal
Bowdoin College seal
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College Guild has developed strong partnerships with students of Bates CollegeBowdoin College, and Vanderbilt University. Student organizations at these schools raise awareness of prison education issues, support volunteer reader orientations, and host community events. 

College Guild has also partnered with several local prison systems in the U.S. Through our unique program and free courses, local systems are able to provide community and enrichment to incarcerated people. 

Engaging with prison systems and educational communities is crucial to our mission of reducing recidivism through learning. Partnerships help us reach more people who are interested in 

supporting accessible and inclusive prison education, as well as those who know someone who might benefit from our courses. 

If you would like to learn more about our community partnerships, or would like to become a partner please contact us


Students interested in becoming more involved with College Guild may be also interested in volunteering or internships! Reading for College Guild is a unique volunteering opportunity which can be done remotely and on your own time, perfect for student schedules. 

Members of Bowdoin College's College Guild club raise awareness at a volunteer fair

Bowdoin College students Leaf, Daisy, and Teddy raising awareness of College Guild at a student fair

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