Guiding Principles

We are free to incarcerated people, with the one exception that they pay for their outgoing stamps. Students can work on units anywhere and anytime — all they need is a pencil, paper, and time; sometimes this is all they have.


We are non-accredited for a purpose. We value the freedom this allows us to serve vast populations of incarcerated people who are otherwise excluded from any educational opportunities.


We are inclusive. Our volunteer teachers and readers strive to provide engaging, non-threatening, and thought-provoking courses. We are open to all regardless of sex, race, religion, prison, crime, or sentence.


We are professional. We maintain high standards in the quality of our courses, timely responses, and respect for interpersonal boundaries.

We are anonymous and secure. By assuring anonymity, we protect our volunteers as well as the organization and the service it provides, and we avoid the need for and risks associated with assessing/judging individual students. We maintain a central office, and all correspondence between the student and College Guild goes through this office.

We are respectful and insist on appropriate boundaries between students and volunteers. For example, both students and volunteers are expected to be respectful and appropriate in their treatment of racial, sexual, religious, political, and other personal issues.


We are independent of affiliation with any religious or political group. We do not espouse any particular belief or ideology except dignity and respect.

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