Where We Are

College Guild's offices are located in the town of Brunswick, located in scenic Midcoast Maine. Because of the mail-based nature of our courses, we are able to serve students all across the United States. Likewise, our volunteers span the country, working remotely to offer constructive feedback on student work. 

Our Students

We have served over 7,000 students in prisons across the United States since our founding in 2001. Each point on this map indicates that we've connected with at least one student in that location.

       1–22 students

       23–45 students

       46+ students

Explore the map to see both the city and the number of students that have been served in that location. 

Our Volunteers

We would not be able to achieve our mission without the support of our volunteer readers. Each point on this map indicates where volunteer readers offer their support to College Guild.

       1–3 readers

       4–15 readers

       16+ readers

Explore the map to see both the city and the number of readers serving in that location. 

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