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Our community of volunteer readers is drawn from all over the U.S., Canada, and other parts of the world. They come from all walks of life and range in age from 18 years old to octogenarians. The diversity of their backgrounds and experience is matched only by the variety of benefits they find in working with College Guild.

A College Guild reader can contribute as much time as they would like. You do not need to have particular expertise. There may also be other opportunities for volunteering, ranging from administrative work to creating new courses.  



If you are interested in being a reader with College Guild: Follow these simple steps!

  1. Please review our Reader Guidelines 

  2. Please Review our Sample Reader Feedback  and Unallowed Comments below to understand your expectations as a reader

  3. Fill out our online Volunteer Agreement.  If you'd prefer to use a paper version and snail mail it to College Guild, you can download the PDF version of the agreement here.

  4. Wait to hear back from us via email to get started as a reader! You will be contacted for a brief orientation that will be conducted virtually by our Volunteer Coordinator, Tracey, shortly after we receive your agreement. 


Volunteer Resources


Sample Reader Feedback




















If you need more comprehensive, step by step instructions for becoming a Reader, watch this short video!



















Unallowed Comments


Volunteer Facebook Group

Here are some examples of feedback comments that are not permitted. Please review this sample to avoid writing these kinds of comments.

As you will see from these sample responses below, some readers like to go question by question and address every point the student has made, while others like to pick up on a few points and expand on those in a narrative way.


It is not necessary to comment on every response. Your feedback style may vary depending on the unit and on how much work the student has done. It is important to engage overall with what the student has to say, to encourage them to think about things, and to give them the confidence to express themselves.

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