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Workplace Matching Programs

🌟Do You Want to Amplify Your Impact? 🌟

Are you passionate about making education accessible to all? Your dedication to College Guild is already making a difference, and now there's an incredible opportunity to magnify your impact!


Many employers offer workplace match donations, a fantastic program that matches their employees' charitable contributions, and often generate donations based on your volunteer hours!


We urge you to take a moment to check with your employers and see if they have such a program in place. By participating in workplace match donations, you can support our mission without changing anything you do! 

Your involvement is crucial to our success, and we believe that exploring workplace match donations can take your commitment to the next level. The additional funds raised through this program will directly contribute to expanding our educational resources and reaching more incarcerated individuals eager to transform their lives through learning.


Let's work together to make education a powerful force for positive change! Thank you for considering this fantastic opportunity and for your ongoing dedication to making education accessible to all. 


Ready to amplify your impact? Check with your employer today!


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