The Impact of Your Support

"Your gift enables College Guild to reach out to us lost ones who are seeking to find our way back again."


"[College Guild] serves a greater purpose than mere knowledge it simultaneously helps keep us human. That's an invaluable thing that can't be praised enough, so I deeply thank you."



"I eagerly look forward to each new [College Guild] unit, completing the work and most of all getting feedback from the volunteers. Your donation to College Guild helps make all this possible. It gives all of us who take classes through the program purpose and hope. I am entirely grateful to you."



"When they sentenced me, they thought that the punishment was that I couldn't be with my family- but that wasn't the real punishment. The REAL punishment was being alone with myself. I could not see how to have compassion for myself. CG showed me, and in doing so, healed and saved my soul. Thank you for helping."