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Welcome to our 2022 Virtual Fundraiser

The board of College Guild is pleased to present our virtual fundraiser!

When you arrive on this page, simply hit the arrow in the middle of the video to watch our virtual fundraiser and learn more about our impact!

Won't you help us keep dreams alive for our students by supporting our free correspondence courses for incarcerated people?


For a one-time donation of $60 or $5 a month, you help enroll a new student in our courses and take a name off our waiting list.


And for one-time gift of $240 or $20 a month, you ensure a student will have free courses for a year! 

Become a supporter helping us provide free dictionaries to people in prison who've never owned a book before! For as little as $40 a month or a one-time gift of $480 for the year, you'll help us send out 36 dictionaries in the next twelve months.

To do even more, join our $1000 a year sustainer list by giving $83 a month. This kind of monthly giving helps us reach more individuals who want and need our free educational program in order to survive the misery of prison and to build a dream for a better life after prison.

Education in prison is a leading factor in reducing recidivism. College Guild takes our correspondence courses and powers them up by providing written personalized feedback from our volunteer readers who are people of all ages, races, religions, and backgrounds, just like our students. 


Education, curiosity and the discovery of new ideas inspires dreams! Our non-traditional, non-accredited courses focus on creativity and critical thinking skills while relieving the boredom of prison and instilling in students a sense of hope for their future.

Once an imprisoned person becomes a College Guild student, something special starts to happen. They are no longer just a criminal, convict, or inmate, but someone with a future who can become a better version of themselves. That inspiration and hope comprise just a few of the gifts of education. 

Please join us in making a donation today to help us reach more incarcerated people through education and connection.

We greatly appreciate your gift, which will allow us to reach more imprisoned individuals via coursework and connection to individuals who care.

You can make an even greater impact by creating your own personal fundraising page to share with your family and friends! To maximize your impact, please click on the “I Want to Fundraise For This” button and follow the instructions to set up your page.


All contributions are tax deductible where applicable by law and will be processed through General Funds for use in programming and associated expenses. 

Thank you!

**** If you need assistance, please email

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