Celebrating 20 YEARS OF

The Next 20 Years

It's not possible to project out 20 years and get it right so we can't really make that kind of prediction, but here's a short list of what we do know:

1) In the next two years, thanks to a grant of $20,000 from the McQuade Foundation, we will be supporting more women who are incarcerated with free correspondence courses.

2) In 2020, we were able to eliminate the 10-12 month wait for new students to enroll.

Demand is growing to enroll with College Guild and it looks like we will have to go back to a waitlist due to budget limitations starting in 2022.

3) This year we are planning to launch a project to review and update our curriculum. Much of it is outdated (many students have never heard of "All in the Family", a TV show from the 70's for example) and need revision. Additionally we hope to develop an assessment that tracks improved wellbeing (social and emotional learning) improvements among our students.  We are hoping to fund this project with a grant.

4) The board is growing going into 2022 and this is exciting. We'll be thinking about short and long term strategies to get our courses to more incarcerated men and women.

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