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Thank you for being part of our special project. We're hoping to spread love, peace, hope...and CHOCOLATE to every state in America!

Together, we can make this a special holiday season for ALL Americans.

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Thank you for making this possible! 

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This project is part of a unique partnership
with Javier's Confectionery and Preston's Candy & Ice Cream.  
Together, they have sustained the oldest and most beloved chocolate and candy-making in The San Francisco Bay Area for over 75 years!  

What's this all about? 

This holiday season, College Guild is trying to spread JOY & RESPECT. We're doing that with a classic "pay it forward" campaign... with a little twist. 


College Guild provides free education and a real one-on-one human connection to incarcerated men and women all over America.


We've touched thousands of lives throughout our history and given those men and women hope, respect, and a brighter future. We transform negative labels into positive futures by giving incarcerated people the option to become students instead of "convicts" or "criminals." 


95% percent of prisoners will be released one day, and unfortunately, society doesn't have any presents waiting for them under their tree. Most will have fewer options for employment, housing, and a healthy, stable life than when they went in.


It is no wonder that in the US, nearly 44% of men and women who are released return to crime and are rearrested within the first year, 77% within five years. 

But you can change that! Incarcerated people who participate in education programs like College Guild's have a 43% reduction in recidivism rates!


How? It's as easy as 1. 2. 3. 

  1. Please donate and help us provide free education to those who need it most. 

  2. Send delicious chocolate to a friend... or two... or... three! 

  3. Hug yourself! This year, you made the world a safer, more just, and happier place! 

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