A brighter future

A recent letter from a College Guild student in California:

I have been doing correspondence courses with you for a few years now and I cannot say enough about the program and all that I have gotten from it. To tell you a little about myself: When I was arrested at the age of 19 I was already a high school drop-out sentenced to life without the possibility of parole. Not a very bright future ahead of myself. I am turning 48 this April 5th, and no matter what my future may hold, one thing for sure is that my future is a lot brighter regardless of my current circumstances. I have received an A.A. in liberal arts in 2018 which covered my reading, writing, and arithmetic per se. College Guild opened up a whole new world that I truly did not know existed and I love it. As of right now I have finished: BIOGRAPHY; CAPTIVITIES; CREATIVE LANGUAGE; DOGS; HISTORIES; TRAVEL; one unit away from completing "INVENTIONS," looking forward to completing many more. It digs into so many interesting things, the key word being interesting, which is not always the case. I have been incarcerated so long that being able to learn about these things is an awesome opportunity. I love the ladies & gentlemen that take the time to give us feedback on every question for every lesson. It just gets better and better for me personally.


Eileen H.

A College Guild student in California

March 26, 2019

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