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Volunteer Appreciation 2021

To bring in the New Year in a bright and uplifting way, we had a Volunteer Appreciation event for our readers, via Zoom. Since our volunteers are spread across the map, it is not often that we are able to gather together, even if only on a screen. Almost 30 volunteers of different ages, different backgrounds, and from different places joined us on January 6th for a time of recognizing their efforts, sharing experiences, and having some fun with Trivia. Everyone came and left with a smile on their face, and some even left having won prizes, such as a CG mug or T-shirt!

Throughout the night, we learned of the many different ways our volunteers have found College Guild. Some volunteers have gotten involved through their colleges, such as Vanderbilt University, Bates College close to us in Maine, and Bowdoin College right down the road from our office. Some were already passionate about prison reform and mass incarceration. Other local volunteers even happened to stumble upon us by accident, but one thing is the same across all of our volunteers: Their time and effort providing feedback to our students is one of the most meaningful and fulfilling experiences they have ever been a part of.

It is always great to hear that our volunteers are fulfilled in their experience with us, especially since what we do would not be possible without them. Until only five years ago, CG was 100% volunteer driven, and now, volunteer efforts are worth $193,000 of in-kind donations through this commitment of time. We could not fulfill the mission of CG without volunteers. They use their time to read and respond to all student work and enable us to give our students a sense of respect, pride, and space to learn and grow.

If you were one of our volunteers who made it to the event, share this post so others in our community can join next time! If you weren’t able to make it, comment below and let us know how YOU found College Guild and why you continue to be a reader!

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Annie Boissevain
Annie Boissevain
Jan 14, 2021

Great to actually “see” our volunteers. Our students hold you in such high regard. Thank you!


It was great to see everyone - hopefully the next one will be even bigger!


This was a fun event. In spite of what happened this day - the invasion of the Capital - we took some time to relax, laugh and enjoy the community of volunteers who make College Guild amazing!!

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