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  • Summer 2023

    • College Guild announces our new DEI program designed to fit with any workplace in America. "The Science of Giving" and "How Can We Reach America's Forgotten Women?"

  • Spring 2023

    • College Guild Grows as we welcome our new Director of Philanthropy and Communications. Featuring "Hurt People," "A Grocery Store," and visual art by College Guild students. ​

  • 2022 Year End Issue

    • I Have A Dream Student Pieces! Part Two of "Celly, What's Cooking" and an infographic detailing our average "numbers" for processing and mail handling​

  • Spring 2022

    • Growing and Changing, The State of Outgoing Mail at College Guild, student work and T-shirts

  • Summer 2021

    • "Celebrating 20 Years of Building Community Beyond Prison Walls." A very special 20th Anniversary issue!​

  • Summer 2020 

    • "Pandemic in Prison," Shine a Light Virtual Events​, and student art and poetry

  • Spring 2020

    • "Community Partners Inside and Outside Prison," "A Perspective on Ongoing Engagement," and student art and poetry​

  • Spring 2018

    • "You Have a Date!" and student art and poetry​

  • Spring 2017

    • "Ballad of the Robber Poet," letters from student study groups, and student art and poetry​

  • Spring 2016

    • "After the Storm," "120 Miles/Hour," "Finally Home," and student work​

  • Spring 2015

    • "The Path to Change," Broken on All Sides film screening, and student poetry​

  • Fall 2014

    • "My Adage," new Marine Biology course, and student art and poetry​

  • Fall 2013

    • "AdSeg," Fractured Fairy Tales, and student art and poetry​

  • Spring 2013

    • "Their Saving Grace," new Philosophy and Sports courses, and student art and poetry​

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