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College Guild publishes a quarterly newsletter showcasing writing, artwork, and more by our incarcerated students in addition to keeping you updated with exciting organization news. If you'd like to keep up with College Guild and learn more about issues related to education and mass incarceration, please complete this form.

To view articles by our students and volunteers, as well as samples of the art and poetry our students create, explore the Newsletter Archive below, or visit our Thinking Outside the Cell blog!

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Newsletter Archive

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  • Summer 2020 

    • "Pandemic in Prison," Shine a Light Virtual Events​, and student art and poetry

  • Spring 2020

    • "Community Partners Inside and Outside Prison," "A Perspective on Ongoing Engagement," and student art and poetry​

  • Spring 2018

    • "You Have a Date!" and student art and poetry​

  • Spring 2017

    • "Ballad of the Robber Poet," letters from student study groups, and student art and poetry​

  • Spring 2016

    • "After the Storm," "120 Miles/Hour," "Finally Home," and student work​

  • Spring 2015

    • "The Path to Change," Broken on All Sides film screening, and student poetry​

  • Fall 2014

    • "My Adage," new Marine Biology course, and student art and poetry​

  • Fall 2013

    • "AdSeg," Fractured Fairy Tales, and student art and poetry​

  • Spring 2013

    • "Their Saving Grace," new Philosophy and Sports courses, and student art and poetry​