College Guild relies on your donations. When you give, you open the door to a world of hope, respect, and gratitude for incarcerated people across the country.


For some of our students, this is the first time they’ve felt accomplished in their education. Others are reminded of the goodness and humanity that exist in the world, but which feel far away from life in a cell. And many who have been denied access to education in prison relish the opportunity to grow and learn through the letters that arrive from College Guild.


Prison education has been proven to be  invaluable: it cuts recidivism rates dramatically, eases re-entry through increased and improved employment opportunities, significantly reduces violence and disciplinary infractions within prisons, breaks down racial barriers among those who are incarcerated, and is highly cost effective.


Perhaps most remarkable of all, it enables incarcerated people to create a community of inquiry where curiosity, creativity, mentorship, and activism are valued — where they become known for something other than being incarcerated.


Your donations open cell doors in the simplest yet most profound way. When a letter arrives from College Guild, students find someone on the other end providing thoughtful feedback and encouragement on their work. That changes lives. For incarcerated people, education is their great escape. Join us as a donor and let's keep changing lives!

Please consider becoming an ongoing donor with a monthly recurring pledge to support the work of College Guild in changing the lives of incarcerated people across the country.

$60 ($5/month) puts a dictionary in the hands of 4 students, many whom have never owned a book of their own.

$120 ($10/month) covers the cost of postage for mailing out units to all our students for one month. 

$240 ($20/month) allows us to cover the costs of delivering 4 courses during a year.

$400 ($33/month) helps us move two names from the wait list to the active student list, allowing two more incarcerated people to become students of College Guild.

$600 ($50/month) covers 6 months of envelopes and paper/printing costs to put coursework into the eagerly awaiting hands of students.

$1000 ($83/month) provides 6 months’ worth of postage to ensure coursework, special requests, dictionaries and information get out to students in hundreds of prisons across the country.


$1200 ($100/month) enables 6 incarcerated people to participate in life-changing College Guild courses for 1 year.

How to Donate


We gratefully accept one-time and recurring donations of any size through PayPal (click the Donate button above or below), or via the U.S. Mail at:


College Guild

P.O. Box 696

Brunswick, Maine 04011

If you are considering a stock donation, please submit a request for broker details using the contact form.

Amazon Smile

Amazon will donate a percentage of your purchases to the charity of your choice when you shop through Amazon Smile. Simply select College Guild as the charity of your choice — your purchases will cost the same, but a small percent will go to College Guild!