College Guild relies on YOUR donations. 


When you give, you open the door to a world of hope, respect, and gratitude for incarcerated people across the country.


Thank You.


Here's how your donation could make a difference:

$60 ($5/month)


puts a dictionary in the hands of 4 students, many of whom have never owned a book of their own.




$120 ($10/month)


covers the cost of postage for mailing out units to all our students for one month. 




$240 ($20/month)


allows us to cover the costs of delivering 4 courses during a year.



$400 ($33/month)


helps us move 8 names from the waitlist to the active student list, allowing 8 more incarcerated people to become students of College Guild.


$600 ($50/month)


covers 6 months of envelopes and paper/printing costs to put coursework into the eagerly awaiting hands of students.

$1000 ($83/month)


provides 3 months’ worth of postage to ensure coursework, special requests, dictionaries, and information get out to students in hundreds of prisons across the country.


$1200 ($100/month)


enables 6 incarcerated people to participate in life-changing College Guild courses for 1 year.

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